How Simplicity Pays
Garantee new customers to your business.
About Us

Everybody Buys is a member orientated, instant online marketing tool that directs thousands of eyes to your brand by offering a discount to our members.

With no risk or up-front cost to you, your brand awareness will substantially increase which in turn will give your business the opportunity to drive our users through your door.

Once a discount is established and we confirm a mutual date to run it, your offer will be featured for 24 hours and will be available exclusively at

You can expect your EveryBody Buys offer to spread virally through the web as our members share it with family, friends, and co-workers using Email and social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter as well as it being posted on Shopping Forums.

At that point they all come to Everybody Buys to get more info and read about the company, view photos, check reviews, click on your website etc.. and once happy with the information they receive, make a purchase. We leverage the simple thought that if the offer is good enough, Everybody Buys.

You’re probably wondering, what happens after you get your business on Everybody Buys? Well, it’s pretty simple and easy, especially for you. We host your amazing offer and our members have 24hs to buy. Once the 24hrs is over we receive the user’s payment, send out the certificates to the buyers and pay you. Be the featured business tomorrow, there’s nothing to lose and Everybody to gain!